From: Union of Undercover Artists <>

Date: July 21, 2006 11:01:20 AM EDT

To: Steven Renshaw <>

Subject: Dave Beech

Dear Steve,

I am writing to enquire about the ‘series of review consultations’ with Dave Beech, as funded by NAN Re-View bursary (referred to on page 29, in the July 2006 issue of 

AN Magazine). We would also like to congratulate you on receiving this award.

As the representative for the employees of Prime, the Union of Undercover Artists wish to do everything possible to guarantee the success of the project ‘PART-TIME.’ This includes ensuring that you, as the director of Prime, receive proper support.

Without divulging details that you may feel are confidential, would you be willing to provide us the following information?

--Have you had ‘discussion/critique sessions’ with Dave Beech?

--If so, how many times?

--Do you feel that Mr. Beech has provided you with the support envisioned when entering into this agreement with him?

--If yes, in what ways? Has he helped you with conceptual development, fostering contacts, administrative strategies, or logistical details of the project?

--If no, what kind of support do you hope to receive from Mr. Beech?

--If no, what do you perceive are the barriers in allowing a constructive relationship to take place between the two of you?

To be candid, the UUA suspects that Mr. Beech has not fulfilled his duties, merely because none of the artists involved in this project have any sense of his presence. The Union would like to offer our support in ensuring that Mr. Beech provides for you the mentorship he has agreed to. We would like to contact Mr. Beech and request that he become and active consultant in this project, and meet with you at your convenience.

Our aim is not to create conflict between you and Mr. Beech, but rather to insist that, as you have shown great foresight in taking advantage of the NAN Re-View program, you receive all the support this program offers.

Respectfully yours,


Tina Gurley Flynn

Union of Undercover Artists