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16 May 2006

I start to realize that I may not get a job, and start working on alternatives. I come up with two different self-employment schemes:

1) Videotape hen parties. We don't have these in America and I'm fascinated by them. I really want to see what they are like. I thought it would be interesting to start a business, like a wedding video business. I make some flyers and walk deep into the residential part of town to have them printed up from my digital file.

I came up with a ridiculous price, but want to see if anyone would bite. I go out a few times and leave them around: in telephone booths and handing them out to groups of hens wandering the streets.



2) Seaside painting. I go and buy some small canvasses and horrible acrylic paint at the hobby store, and start some paintings. My idea is to sell them on the Prom or the beach. I like this idea because Blackpool isn't really a place one goes for the natural scenery, and I would be working as an "artist" in the most traditional sense.

I never really finished any paintings, but started a few.


On my way back from the printers, I stop at the Blue Room. I wait whiile some young guys talk to the bar man about bands and music. He then tells me he has no work, that he has list of people already, and mainly hires students because this is a student pub. He is an older man, well dressed (tie and shirt)