Undercover Joanna
PLAY | Postcard

I was lucky to meet Carol Marley, initially because I asked her if I could interview her about her job at Rock Candy Kingdom. She wondered what I did at night, and invited me to a party. Soon, I was spending much of my free time hanging out with Carol, her mother, and her friends. They took me in, and I loved spending time with them. Carol is an incredibly generous person, and the time I spent with her and her family was one of the best things about my time in Blackpool.

I became a regular guest at the St. Anne's Social Club. We also went to the Waterloo, the Walkabout (where I fell off the stage dancing--okay, I drank a lot), and a few other clubs on occasion.

After some time, I realized I hadn't really done any "tourist" things. The only exception was when Liz and Ellie came to visit, and we held a hen party for ourselves. I soon felt that I would rather just continue to meet up with my new acquaintances than try to see the Tower or go to Pleasure Beach.

It feels strange to report on my social life in Blackpool, only because I don't want to make the people I met socially into "subjects" for my art project.

I do know that my time spent with Carol did help me to better understand what life in Blackpool is like--how difficult it can be, but also that people support each other.

I can only say thank you to everyone I spent time with--I know this sounds sentimental, but they made me feel at home.