From: "Steven Renshaw" <>

Date: August 7, 2006 7:41:14 AM EDT


Subject: Prime

Dear Ellie, Liz and Joanna,

I recently received an email stating that I have not been communicating with each of you enough regarding your participation in the project.  I also read some of the emails from the union for the first time as I did not read them while considering Primes relationship with it.  Due to this I feel that many wires have been crossed as not all of the email makes sense in light of recent developments.  If at any time you wanted to discuss ongoing issues or problems I wish you would have sent your concerns directly to me rather than using a third party.  I do not think that this is too much to ask as someone who has been open and willing to discuss developments as the project has progressed.  As I explained to Ellie the other day I am currently working full time as a technician and spending 1 day per week on the project with additional evenings.  I feel that this is something that the project has not succeeded to represent and one of the reasons it exists – spending time making art in the hours outside of working for someone else.  I feel that the project has turned all time into art time.  Is this something that you agree with?  You can all contact me at any time on Mondays or between 7 and 9 any other week day if you need to discuss issues that need urgent attention.  I do not have email at home, therefore only pick it up every few days at the moment – and responding to issues that have been raised would take a fraction of the time on the telephone.  I do not want to press this but I have also previously had much difficulty in contacting some of you when I have wanted to check in with you.

In relation to the union, I have decided not to recognise its status and will therefore not engage in any further contact with them.  My main concern at this time with the union is that it does not represent equally the three artists involved and is the voice of just one.  Is this its intention? Also, I do not think that demanding information about my contact with any consultant is the way to go about finding anything out.  At the same time I consider those consultations to be private and for my own individual and personal development.  If this causes any concern I will gladly discuss this matter on an individual basis.  Speaking to each of you individually would clear up any confusion regarding where the project is for you and any queries you might have.  If you let me know of a suitable time in which to call (within those stated above – others can be arranged) and I will gladly ring each of you.  I feel at this time that this method of communication would be more successful than continuous misunderstandings through email.

I look forward to speaking to all of you very soon.


PS.  I should have stated earlier but it’s either Ste or Steven and not Steve.