From: "Union of Undercover Artists" <>

Date: February 13, 2007 4:17:19 AM EST

To: "Steven Renshaw" <>

Cc: "Union of Undercover Artists" <>

Subject: Publication Response

Dear Ste,

We are writing to let you know we have all received our copies of the publication for 'Part-Time'.

After reading through the publication, we could not help but feel disappointed. It is clear from your text that you are unhappy about the work we did for this project. However, your critique fails to go beyond the fact that we did not do what you originally intended. You appear to dismiss our contributions on these grounds, yet you also fail to describe coherently just what your vision for the project was and why we did not fulfil it successfully.

We felt that you never truly took on board the experiences that we all had whilst taking part in 'Part-Time' and were not prepared to engage with the outcomes that we produced. As far as the publication is concerned, we feel it could just as easily have been produced without all our hard work and involvement for several months last summer.

We feel the work we undertook offers a great deal in terms of thinking about both work and art - exploring the relationships between the different activities that many artists are required to perform within their careers and daily lives. Because the publication did not analyse or discuss in depth our contributions, we feel an important opportunity has been missed to expand upon and explore these issues.

Therefore, The Union of Undercover Artists is currently planning a constructive response to Prime's publication. We aim to present this project positively, connect the issues and themes arising from our contributions and fill in the gaps we perceive in the publication.

This response is not aimed at you personally. It is rather a means of actually engaging in the work that we did and presenting it publicly. We will let you know when it is available.

Best wishes,

Ellie, Liz and Joanna